This sweet girl made us work for our sleepy pictures! All it meant was that I got to hold her more, so really I didn't mind at all. Having two boys myself, I will never pass up an opportunity to love on a little lady, especially one in a tutu!


I LOVE these 2! Layla was ready to rock her session from the moment we met, and I'm pretty sure I didn't take a bad picture of her that entire time. Bowen needed a little longer to warm up to me, but once he did I could not have loved him more. Both kids are so sweet, while Layla is sassy and outgoing and Bowen is gentle and snuggly. I can't say it enough, I feel like my short time with clients opens up so many friendships!


Up until this point, it had been my norm to chase toddlers and do outrageous things to get them to laugh at me..then I met this sweet lady! Mom and Dad were so helpful and she just smiled away. We accomplished everything is such a short amount of time, it amazes me how good she is! Posing her mom and dad was a pretty easy task as well, you can see the love between all of them so easily. I really enjoyed this session, and we got pretty lucky with the weather that day too!


I enjoyed these two so much! They're always good for a laugh and having their dogs there was an added bonus. They just celebrated 11 years and it's pretty clear that they're perfect for each other.


Jaydien just celebrated his SECOND birthday, which might be my favorite time for little ones! He's so smart already but still listened to everything his Mimi and Dad said..we were friends pretty quickly and he gave me instant smiles AND dimples!


This newborn session might be in my top faves! Lots of tiny babe snuggles+getting to take pictures has to be the ultimate combo for me.


Miss Scout sat down and just started smiling.. I just went through her pictures and kept editing because they were ALL good! Here are a few, it was almost impossible for me to pick!


This little lady turned ONE this week! She wasn't really interested in getting her picture taken at first, but those big brown eyes made my job easy!


It's a little quiet around here, so I have been following my 2 best guys around with my camera to keep myself busy! So far they've put up with me :)